Words cannot express how much this means to me.

I got it bad for brown boys and I don’t care who knows

Some Nights
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Some Nights-Kidz Bop Kids


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True. But I just don’t think saying that everyone did it is a justifiable reason to still support him. The only reason I would think of supporting him is if you looked at all the money he raised for cancer. I need some other opinions on this.

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That is a good point, but Lance was more than just a cyclist. When you look at steroids in baseball, it’s fair to say everyone was doing it. But with Lance, the fact that he was such an inspiration, the fact that he started the whole Livestrong movement, makes it different. Almost everyone owned a yellow wristband at one point in their lifetime. When someone is put in that high of a pedestal, the fall is very painful.

Livestrong or Liestrong

Someone made the argument that if he didn’t win it, another person using PEDs would have won it. Do you not understand how sports work? You compete to the best of your HUMANLY ability. So what you are saying is that every cyclist was taking PEDs and doping. There wasn’t one athlete who was clean. Wow. What about all the denials? He was an icon, an inspiration, a hero to millions of citizens, athletes, and cancer patients everywhere. Are you saying that lying to those people is ok? What about all the writers and journalists who risked their careers an credibility defending him and trusting him? And lastly, when Armstrong attacked his critics saying that they were “against cancer” and “against the cause,” was that ok? So don’t say he’s still a legend. Don’t give him credit for his accomplishments. It’s going to take more than an “I’m sorry” on Oprah to remove the asterisk that will most likely forever be beside his name.

Too lazy to scratch out the name/picture.

Too lazy to scratch out the name/picture.